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Callsigns, FCC Service Class and Power Limits

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) identifies a TV station's transmission (RF channel) by a callsign. Callsigns that start with a W _ _ _ are stations east of the Mississippi River, callsigns that start with a K _ _ _ are west of the river. Some stations have a callsign that includes a 1 or 2 digit suffix (W or K _ _ _-DT). Sometimes the suffix reflects station service class, sometimes virtual (displayed) TV channel number.

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Callsign Suffix
Suffix Description Service
DT Digital TV Full
TV Television
CA Class A Class A
CD Class A Digital
D Digital
LD Low Power Digital Low
LP Low Power
FCC Service Class
Class Description Power
DT Digital TV Full Power
DC Digital Class A Television Low Power
DD Distributed Digital Television Low to Full Power
LD Digital Low Power TV Low Power
TX Low Power TV and Translator Low Power
DX Auxiliary (backup) Facilities Low to Full Power
LM Land Mobile Use of TV Channel

Broadcast Power (ERP)
Service UHF VHF
Full Power ≤ 1000 kW ≤ 185 kW
Class A ≤ 15 kW ≤ 3 kW
Low Power Over-the-Air Digital TV (OTA DTv)
Callsigns, FCC Service Class and Power Limits
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