OTA DTv TV Station Callsigns

The FCC identifies a TV station's RF channel with a callsign. Callsigns are 4 or 5 alphanumeric characters that start with a "W" or "K". Callsigns that start with a "W" are stations generally east of the Mississippi River, callsigns that start with a "K" are generally west of the river.

K _ _ _ _
W _ _ _ _
West of Mississippi River
East of Mississippi River

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Some stations have a callsign that includes a 1 or 2 letter suffix that reflects station Service Class -- allowed maximum Effective Radiated Power (ERP). Station Class is either Full Power or Low Power. Most Low Power stations have a callsign with a suffix. Some Full Power stations have a suffix (TV or DT), some do not.

Callsign Class
W or K _ _ _ _ - _ _

Service Class
Suffix Description Class Max ERP
DT Digital TV Full
185 kW (VHF)
1000 kW (UHF)
TV Television
CA Class A Low
3 kW (VHF)
15 kW (UHF)
CD Class A Digital
DC Digital Class A Television
D Digital Low
LD Low Power Digital TV
LP Low Power TV
TX Translator
DD Distributed Digital Television Low to
Full Power
DX Auxiliary (backup) Facilities
LM Land Mobile Use of TV Channel
In some regions Class power limits vary.
Class A stations have primary status over other low power stations.

Service Class
Maximum Power (ERP)
VHF Low Power
Full Power
3 kW = 65 dBm
185 kW = 83 dBm
UHF Low Power
Full Power
15 kW = 72 dBm
1000 kW = 90 dBm OTA DTv
TV Station Callsigns